Cloud Advantages

Get the best of all Cloud advantages for your business!

By providing unlimited resources, Cloud Computing ensures broad and essential technological advantages for any company that is attentive to the new work dynamics of today. And, we at ALL IT HOST, with extensive experience in this segment, are always ready to provide the best of those advantages.

In this new moment in history, when great advances are possible only because of technology, it is no longer necessary to invest in software and hardware. Consequently, you can also save in the related technical personnel. With Cloud Computing, you only pay for what you use, when you use.

By providing a bigger agility in IT services’ delivery, Cloud makes your business able to work at a high capacity based on demand, higher scalability and infrastructure flexibilization capabilities. That way, your business increase IT engagement with corporate goals and delivery through smart optimization of IT processes.

High processing capacity eliminates slowness, which can hinder, delay or make it impossible to meet your company’s goals and commitments.

Corporate Mobility and B.I.: a perfect match to your business.

Cloud unprecedented mobility is another advantage that can give your business higher leverage. Any connected device can become another way to access your business’ IT infrastructure. Even emergency tasks can be done through your Cloud connected remote devices, without need to travel to a location to fix an issue, or commute when it becomes difficult. That all-around connectivity is an amazing resource available right now.

At a time when companies are increasingly structured in the global context, operational efficiency is one of the results of the mobility & Cloud Computing relationship, which is now part of Business Intelligence. An advantage that must be present in your Business. After all, by gathering data and evidence, it contributes decisively to strategic decisions.

ALL IT HOST, because all the advantages are of high relevance.

All IT Host, in partnership with Citrix, is a Certified Service Provider of Citrix’s Virtual App & Cloud Desktops, specialized in the provision of Cloud Desktops, Apps and Servers. To the advantages already stated, there are more reasons to have your business migrating to our Cloud services platform, be that on Public, Private or Hybrid environments, such as:

  • Lower collocation costs (or no cost at all), utilities and maintenance savings, as well as any other costs related to computer and servers infrastructure, as it will be hosted virtually or physically in our  5-nines grade Data Center. With us, you won’t have to worry about monitoring, data and systems security, systems availability and anything else related to your I.T. infrastructure.
  • Upgrades, updates, increasing or downsizing of extra resources, on demand and in real time, eliminating any downtime you used to experience while updating or upgrading your hardware and software.
  • Savings related to software licensing costs, as licenses can be legally shared between different virtual machines what is not feasible when using your own physical machines.

Our systems and network safety infrastructure, and more…

The security infrastructure of All It Host complies with the security standards and policies required. With our compliance measures, there is no risk of a compromised machine contaminating the network. Besides, every one of our systems is fully redundant.

Permanent control and monitoring avoids cyberattacks, network breaches or corporate data leaks. Our firewalls, antivirus systems, backup policies, disaster recovery procedures and plans, immediate network lockdown and isolation, along automatized quick and prompt systems’ updates and other security measures, guarantee that.

Disaster Recovery is usually a much neglected IT area, and the lack of real measures causes losses of data, money, and time. To avoid that, we keep a strictly up-to-date backup of all your data and systems, as well as other disaster deterrence and mitigation measures. You don’t need to worry about a Disaster Recovery strategy, we provide that for you.

And there is even more to Cloud:

  • High-availability plans, where we keep permanent full redundancy of all your systems and data, enabling business survivability and continuity if a disaster strikes your physical locations.
  • Failover layers that enable a system or device to immediately and seamlessly take over for a failing node, without any downtime.
  • Automatic commission/decommission of resources that guarantee you only pay for what you use.

Besides, many other benefits such as password policy enforcement and user access control. Two of the most important I.T. functions for any business.

And much, much more.

If you have any questions just contact us! Our team of IT experts will be glad to help you.