The Cloud Computing Revolution

In times of trouble or times of peace, Cloud Computing has enabled businesses to endure and prosper. By enabling fast and secure home-office and “anywhere-office” Cloud Computing has saved the economy while keeping workers safe. Connect to our Cloud too and let our powerful servers keep your business running, as if you were at your desk.
Cloud Is Secure - All IT Host


Cloud is much safer than your home network.In fact, it is so secure that even the NSA is using it to store their data.

Cloud Saves Money - All IT Host


Cloud significantly reduces IT costs. Statistics show that a high rate of cloud users achieved cost savings and/or increased profits.

Cloud Is Smart - All IT Host


Cloud is so smart that it is in demand every day, revolutionizing the business world. With Cloud,many computers will think as one. As a result, your business will be smarter too!

A solution system for your company work place

Secure virtualization across all operating systems is a powerful technological transformation experience in the business world. And it can be accessed anywhere, from any  device or network. Powered by its high definition, its entire structure responds to the greatest demands and needs of all users focused on uninterrupted business continuity.

To provide such a transformation in your work environment, we have chosen Citrix’s exquisite technology in virtualization service: a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops services, company elected Leader in IDC MarketSpace, 2019-2020

In partnership, we offer components such as: IT control of virtual machines, applications, security and encryption for security certifications. Additionally, your company will have the latest version of Microsoft Windows, fully functional, even through smartphones.

We are passionate about IT. Your IT!

See how we can help your company to achieve more when it comes to IT.


Virtual Cloud-powered desktops enable you to access a complete area of resources and services and run the most latest version of Microsoft Windows. Everything from any device, anytime,and anywhere.


With unlimited resources and no need to invest in software and hardware, Cloud Computing offers wide benefits for any business.The expenses are only with the accesses made and the services used. Discover our incredible list of benefits.


We’ll analyze your current IT infrastructure, and recommend the most effective and economically sound options. We plan, install and manage all these with our expert team.

ways to give your business the IT flexibility it needs with DESKTOP AS A SERVICE.

In order to meet the increasing demands of their customers, organizations are moving toward an always connected workplace where employees are able to access their work from anywhere and on anydevice.Today, businesses are turning to Desktops as a Service(DaaS) in order to provide their employees access to all of their app sand data theyneed to get their job done.Here’s why you should consider DaaS:

Enable cost-effective I.T.

Deliver apps and desktops globally from the cloud and eliminate capital expenses for maintaning a datacenter while only paying for what you use.

Access work from any device

Your cloud desktop can be accessed from any HTML5-capable browser or via a small downloadable application, enabling you to access your work from any device, includin an iPad, tablet, laptop, desktop or thin client.

Deliver great user experiences

Workers receive a high-definition experience from their Windows apps and desktops at work, home or anywhere in the world they do business.
DaaS can deliver graphic-intensive applications or simple desktops side-by-side, giving your users the right desktop for the right occasion.

Desktops to remote or temp employees

Rapidly provision Windows apps and desktops for remote contractors or seasonal workers and easily shut them down when not in use.

Centralize and simplify app delivery

Centrally manage and deliver Windows based apps to your workforce with one simple interface.

Improve security and compliance

With desktops delivered virtually, your sensitive information is stored in the cloud and not on the device in case of loss or theft.

Business continuity during disasters

Scale up desktops as needed for catastrophic events such as weather or quarantine without additional CAPEX expenses. Once the event passes, you can quickly decommission them and only pay for what you have used.

Simplify infrastructure changes

Onboarding or offloading large numbers of workers quickly is critical to Mergers, Acquisitions and other business processes.
Easily provision or decommission desktops as needed quickly with desktops on demand.