About Us

We are passionate about it

Since 1998, we have been working with an expressive number of companies, providing IT services, such as: building PCs and servers, integrating and maintaining networks, technical support, consulting and more. Meanwhile, Citrix was developing what would become the most powerful platform to deliver virtual desktops.

In 2010 we became Citrix partners, in order to change the way we provide services to our customer by implementing what we call  Virtual Office.  Our aim: “No more hardware, poor networking installations nor the tedious end user’s issues.”

Since than, we have been delivering systems built on top of both Citrix platforms – Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services – and Microsoft platforms, utilizing Enterprise Cisco switches and Firewalls, high performance servers and storages, monitoring tools and more. All of this to offer the best security and compliance to our customers.

We believe the Home Office is here to stay and we want  to make sure that companies of all size sizes have the opportunity to benefit from a corporate solution at an affordable price.

All It Host. All done by a team of experts that loves to surf on the waves of technology.