Office 365 and Azure cloud solutions

ALL IT HOST is a MICROSOFT certified service provider what stands as a testimony of our expertise to provide Office 365 and Azure Cloud solutions to you and your company.

Office 365 is MICROSOFT’s flagship product for office applications. It integrates all Office Suite traditional applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, for example) with new Cloud-based features such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Yammer office social network, Linkedin app, Groups, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote, and many others. This new very powerful suite is totally cloud-based as a distributed set of applications across MICROSOFT’s worldwide redundant network of highly secure datacenters. Your corporate and personal data will always be safe and you will have access to all the agility and power cloud ubiquitous access can offer.

Imagine opening and sharing a file and, as you edit it in real-time, your corporate partners can instantly communicate with you, suggest changes, and build the best teamwork you can do, all while you are in the move, traveling to that decisive meeting that will bring your business to the next level, and make all your dreams come true? Well, Office 365 can deliver that. It is much more than web-mail, or web-based file sharing, it is your OFFICE ON STEROIDS AND ON THE CLOUD.

Besides, Office 365 comes with the ability to partner seamlessly with Azure Cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is MICROSOFT Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) offer. And as a MICROSOFT product comes with all bells and whistles and native integration with Office business logic. That means, besides the ability of creating your virtual servers and desktops, or host your virtual apps on MICROSOFT’s ubiquitous cloud, you have, as well, plugins that enable you to build complete Office networks IN THE CLOUD, with native Active Directory and all Windows Server features you are already used to.

It is simple like just moving your corporate office, as it is, into the cloud, and not losing nothing with it, instead SAVING LOTS on reduced maintenance costs.

But, to make that magic work you will need wizardry. And that is where we come. Our decades of MICROSOFT planning, deployment, support and maintenance experience can make any transition to Office 365 and to Azure as simple and painless as they can be.

Contact us for a FREE IT infrastructure assessment so we can tell you how you can improve your Office network efficiency and quality, while saving money, by migrating to Office 365, and also to learn about our discounted user plans with monthly prices that cannot be beaten!

Click on the picture above to see a simple infographic on how Office 365 can help you achieve more.