Nonprofit IT support

We have been working with IT consulting and support for decades. But, during that time, we also worked with many nonprofit organizations, providing them the special kind of IT support they need.

Nonprofits are usually very different from regular corporate clients. They have less money to invest. Their staff, as it is made, mostly, by volunteers, is not as Technology-savvy as regular employees of a for-profit business will usually be. Their equipment is, usually, older than what you may find on a regular corporate environment. So, in order to help nonprofits with their IT needs you have understand that very specific world. And that is what we do: we understand that, and we care.

We help nonprofits to get free or heavily discounted hardware and software. We help them to plan the best way to use their IT resources. We redesign their networks and IT environments. And we provide monitoring, management, troubleshooting and support for fees they can afford.

If you have a nonprofit,  such as a place of worship, a social center, a school, or any other kind of nonprofit organization, and you need help with your IT infrastructure, contact us and we will be glad to do a FREE assessment of your IT needs and to provide you with the best prices in the market.

We are here to help. And you will see that to bring your organization to our electronic age is something within your reach. We guarantee.