IT Management and Support

As worldwide markets pick up steam, it comes that time when, to face competition, you need to open your pockets and invest.
In this age we all living in, with a fully interconnected cybermarket, to invest in your business means, mainly, to spend money with Information Technology: IT.

You have to buy new hardware and software and you have to spend lots on hiring IT personnel. Not only money, but also time. Searching, selecting, interviewing, checking. Good and reliable IT people are expensive. But you already know you cannot live without them.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, as we are here to help taking that burden out of your shoulders by offering our US BASED IT outsourcing service with local technicians based IN THE US and with starter packages than cost LESS than hiring a single full-time in-house IT tech employee.


We have three decades of experience in IT and know that, at least, 60% of your regular IT guy’s time will be spent idling, between tasks, while a server updates, while downloading the last fixes, and so on.

Our outsourcing team NEVER GETS IDLE. While they are waiting for a job to finish, they will work on another job. All quick, all with top care, all applying awesome knowledge, and always ON TIME. So, we always providing the best value for your money.


Whether you decide to move your infrastructure into the Cloud, or you’d like to have some physical hardware and software running in-house, we’ll be glad to help you.Our decades of expertise managing and providing support to local and remote networks, data rooms, branch offices, and all sorts of business configurations enable us to give you 24/7 support and local and remote management of hardware and software you keep in-house and to help you smoothly transition into the Cloud if that is what you want

Our IT management and support services include:

– Routers and Firewall maintenance, along with VPN management: Monitoring; Maintain and backup configurations; Maintain login information; Configure and secure IDS (Intrusion Detection System); Web access control; SMTP monitoring and security; Access rules configuration and maintenance; Maintain your routing tables, routing configurations, and DHCP and DNS configurations; Keep your network hardware and software updated; Configure VPN, create tunnels, manage and maintain.

– Hardware and software support: Provide remote support to your in-house general computer and server issues; Provide user access support for your network and VPN users. Provide local in-your-premises hands-on support including hardware and software installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. 24/7/365 hardware ans software monitoring and remote support. Remote and local development and configuration.

– ISP and 3rd party vendor relationship: Handle contact with your 3rd party hardware and software providers upon any issue arising; Handle ISP network and customer support contact for connectivity issues, changes, and upgrades; Handle contact with any hardware or software 3rd party vendors regarding updates, upgrades, and user general support.

And whatever else becomes necessary, as IT demands may change from one organization to another, so we can do any kind of custom project as your company may need.


If you are a company looking for a way to save money on your IT budget, without compromising service quality, contact us for a free outsourcing assessment and learn how much you can save and how better your IT will become by having us as your IT outsourcing provider.

If you are an independent IT professional that want to join a larger nationwide team, while keeping your freedom and independence, contact us by email to see how you can work less and make more by becoming one of our independent associates.