IT Management and Support

Assess, analyze and then manage. That is how we do what is best to your business!

As part of the current hyper-connected and technologically advanced cybermarket, to achieve the highest reliability and safety, you need to invest in high-quality I.T. services for your business. A good management can make sure that all working tools and respective access venues will always be available, and if any emergency arises, all problems can be promptly resolved.
Just by inquiring about our I.T. management product, you and your company will already begin to enjoy the best service in I.T.’s market. You will find different ways to handle each of your business’ technological resources processes, ways full of safety and convenience. We will take away any concerns you may have regarding any troubles related to I.T. or Cloud.
We will take care of all of your I.T. technicalities and complexities. We will free you of your I.T. problems, and we will take those technical responsibilities as your expert partners to all I.T. matters.
As we think in terms of your cost-benefit, we are able to offer our I.T. Outsourcing services with start plan prices that cater to small, medium and large companies, without compromising the quality of our services to you.

How can we do that?

We know that at least 60% of your I.T. team working hours is spent idle, between tasks. Perhaps while a server is going through an update, or while it is downloading the last fixes.
Our team never gets idle. While we wait for a job to finish, we can jump in another one right away. And all those jobs are done with the best of our knowledge, as quick as needed, and with our commitment to standards and schedules. To do so, we have a complete set of tools to automatize and facilitate all processes related to your I.T. systems’ upkeeping.
With a team of certified and expert technicians and engineers, specialized in I.T. infrastructure maintenance, we first assess your infrastructure, including points related to your business rules, such as your current bills, so we can provide you with plans that will cut costs and increase profit and savings. As result, upon implementing our plans for your I.T. infrastructure, your utility, Internet and telephone bills will be way lower, as a live proof that to use our services was the best decision.
We have a team with technicians specialized in all I.T. fields. And that is why we can, and want, to give you the best ROI when I.T. is concerned.

Management and Support

It does not matter if your I.T. infrastructure is hosted locally or in any other Cloud provider. We will be able to maintain, monitor and protect any of your systems. We will plan and deploy any needed configurations. And your business will have permanent attention from our expert team.
If your Internet connection is unstable or you aren’t able to connect to the Web, you just need to reach out to our support team and we will look through your company’s servers and systems, locate the issue, and then provide all needed information to a prompt fix and the best possible result. That walkthrough can make a whole lot of difference. Our goal is to help you, our customer, even if you are not one of our Cloud clients.
With more than two decades of experience in management and support for Local and Remote networks, Data Centers, remote offices and all kinds of business rules and markets, we are able to provide expert support 24/7/365.

Some of our I.T. management and support services are:

– Monitoring and upkeep of routers and firewalls, along VPN configuration and administration; Recurring backup of all configuration files; Web access control; Email security, management and monitoring; AD, DHCP, and DNS planning, deployment and management.
– Hardware and software support: remote support to general issues on computers and servers; Access support to VPN and network users.
– Software install, monitoring and troubleshooting, including remote and local configuration, planning, development and deployment of software solutions.
– Third-party support liaison for ISP related issues including connectivity issues, network changes and updates; Third-party support liaison for hardware and software vendors including updates, upgrades and general user support.

Within many others.

As we know that I.T. related demands can change from a business to another, we, at All IT Host, will build a custom plan for each of our clients.

Contact us now! We have a plan fit just for your business!