Cloud Server

The Internet is The Big Cloud. It’s made up of smaller clouds, or clusters of physical servers that can be in the same datacenter or at different locations. These servers intelligently share resources such as storage, physical memory, Internet connections, security devices & applications, and even processor power. They work together to form one powerful entity: The Cloud.

It’s the same technology that empowers Facebook and Google. So it can handle more than one billion users or five billion search inquiries a day.

All this power is now available to your business with Cloud Servers. Your computers will function exactly as they do now, but since they will be part of the Cloud, they can tap into its resources and therefore have virtually unlimited power.  This unique characteristic enables cloud-virtualized machines to perform tasks that would be impossible for a single physical computer to do.

In addition to power, you will also gain unprecedented mobility.  Since the computing happens in the cloud, your device becomes a medium; you only actually use its display, browser, ports, and Internet connection.  This makes it possible for even your remote devices to perform functions that would otherwise be impossible.  For example, you will be running an actual Windows 7 desktop from your iPad.

Security is also among the many advantages of Cloud Servers.  There are no physical machines to be hacked, so there is no need for antivirus on each machine. There is also no risk of one compromised machine contaminating the network. Furthermore, everything is backed up and redundant as part of the Cloud’s architecture and design, so your information is safe.

Other advantages are listed below. But if you have any questions, our expert staff will be glad to help you.

Other advantages of Cloud Servers:

– They provide a management and user experience that is identical to a local server;

– They drastically cut or eliminate collocation, power, maintenance, bandwidth, and other server-related costs, as the IT infrastructure is hosted at our datacenter;

– They can be upgraded or tap into extra resources on demand and in real time, eliminating downtime for hardware and software upgrades;

– They cut the cost of software licensing as licenses can be legally shared between many virtual machines, something that is impossible for physical servers;

– They are faster to access.

– They facilitate legal compliance issues, as the physical infrastructure where the virtual servers run will be certified.

– They eliminate the need for constant monitoring, emergency procedures, and wasting of resources with fail-over hardware and parts.

– Instantly expandable and shrinkable, with no need to invest in additional server hardware.