Cloud Desktops

You are already in the Cloud.  If you use email, a mobile phone, or Facebook, you have information that is not stored on your device, but on a secure server in a datacenter somewhere.  For example, when you post a picture on Facebook, you can delete it from your computer, but the picture will remain available on any device that has an Internet connection.

Using Citrix technology, we take this concept a step further by putting your entire desktop on the Cloud, resulting in amazing benefits.

With Cloud Desktop, your information is safer than ever.  If your computer were to break right now, and you didn’t have your data backed up, chances are you could lose your pictures, documents, and any information stored on that machine.  And if you were in the middle of working on a project and the computer froze, you could lose the work that wasn’t saved.  These problems are virtually eliminated with Cloud Desktop.  Furthermore, Citrix guarantees a level of security and encryption to comply with any market or government security certification.

But it goes beyond just storing your files elsewhere.  The Cloud Desktop gives you the power of a supercomputer on any device you access from.  You will have access to a fully functional Windows 7/Windows 10 even on your smartphone.  Additionally, you’ll be able to run the newest, most demanding applications even on an old computer, as long as it has an Internet connection.  This also means that you’ll save money that you’d otherwise spend having to buy new computers and software licenses.

There are many other benefits. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us.